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The Diocesan School Office of the Diocese of Norwich provides leadership in Catholic education to pastors, principals, teachers, staff, parents, and students of its schools. Mindful of Catholic social teachings and Gospel values, it recommends and directs school policies and procedures. It encourages the development of the whole person in the Catholic educational environment. It emphasizes a lifetime respect for oneself and others, honest, justice, and peace, service of the needy, and the value of academic achievement. Although Catholic schools in the State of Connecticut have been in existence for well over 100 years, the Diocese of Norwich, located in Eastern Connecticut, was established on August 6, 1953.
The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Norwich consist of thirteen elementary schools and two diocesan secondary schools. In addition there is one private religious secondary school and a residential treatment program that provides integrated treatment services to adolescent boys and young men. There are also two other independent Catholic schools. The total population of the schools in the Norwich Diocese numbers about 4760.

Students at St. Patrick Cathedral School welcome home the Bishop from his "Year of Faith"
pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Photo by Donna Antonacci.

I wish to invite all people in the Diocese of Norwich to commend with me the work and sacrifices that our Catholic educators make to bring to children and young adults their heritage of Faith and living modeled on the life of Jesus Christ.

It is widely recognized today that our Catholic schools provide an excellent and comprehensive opportunity for young people to grow and learn because of the positive environment in which they operate. Let us do whatever we can to support our Catholic schools so that they can continue to be the critical area for development of members of our Church and society. I personally reaffirm the recent message of our United States Catholic Bishops which stated:

"We must respond to challenging times with faith, vision, and the will to succeed because the Catholic schools mission is vital to the future of our young people, our nation, and most especially our Church." (Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary & Secondary Schools in the Third Millennium, USCCB, June 2005)

I pray for God's special blessing on all who service our Church in Catholic Education.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Bishop of Norwich